ITL - Istituto sui Trasporti e la Logistica

The Institute for Transport and Logistics (ITL) is a no profit body founded on 17th December 2003. Its purpose is to contribute to the development and promotion of logistics and transport systems in the Region Emilia-Romagna through research, consultancy and training.
ITL strategic vision is about triggering network relationship among public authorities (Emilia-Romagna Region, Provinces and municipalities, Ravenna port and related authorities), private companies (logistics providers, manufacturing companies, transport operators, etc.) and educational institutions (business schools, universities, professional educational programme providers, etc.).

Organisation profile:

ITL is a no profit body working on the development of international projects with regional impacts and support to the internationalization of local experiences. 
ITL performs the activities of:

  • Studies and analysis on demand and offer of transport and logistics services
  • Integration of multimodal logistics nodes and supply chains 
  • Sustainable mobility of people and freight  in cities
  • Promotion of managerial and technical competencies
  • Ideation, management of funds for development projects
  • Support to planning and definition of public policies for a new mobility
  • Support to internationalization processes
  • Optimisation of transport systems

Region profile:

  • Urban agglomeration: Emilia-Romagna Region (Italy)
  • Area: 22.453 km2
  • Inhabitants: 4.449.000
  • Population density: 198,66 inhabitants per km2

Role in the project:

ITL will act as coordinator of the WPT3 “Growth and Expand” and will support SRM in the project’s communication and pilot implementation activities.

Activities in the project:

ITL activities in the project are:

  • Coordination of the activities related to the promotion and replicability of the technical contents developed by the Smacker project at European level
  • Coordination of the SMACKER Quality Partnership for seamless Mobility Governance
  • Coordination of the SMACKER Enlarged Transfer Programme (ETP)
  • Development of the SMACKER Online Practical Toolbox
  • Definition of the Guidelines on DRT planning and implementation
  • Assistance to the development of Regional and macro regional action plans on DRT topics
  • Support SRM in the implementation of the Smacker Emilia-Romagna pilot (the mountain and rural area of Alto Reno).