Better Monitoring, Evaluating, and Designing RIS3

The Policy Learning Platform organises a thematic workshop on ‘Better Designing and Monitoring Regional Smart Specialisation Strategies (RIS3)’ on 25 September 2019.

The concept of Smart Specialisation Strategy (S3) is at the centre of the European Union cohesion policy strategy. For the Commissioner for Regional policy Corina Creţu, 'Smart specialisation will be more important than ever in the post-2020 period' (European Commission, 2018). For policymakers, knowledge about the latest tools in monitoring, evaluating, and designing S3 is thus needed to achieve greater innovation outcomes. 

About RIS3

The research and innovation strategy for smart specialisation (RIS3) is a place-based policy concept to support regional prioritisation in innovative sectors, fields or technologies through the entrepreneurial discovery process, a bottom-up approach to reveal what a region does best in terms of its endowments in science and technology (Foray, David, & Hall, 2009). 

In this context, better monitoring, evaluating, and designing RIS3 are fundamental activities for delivering better implementation outcomes and thus innovation outcomes in the current programming period 2014-2020 and in the future programming period 2021-2027.

The workshop

The thematic workshop will allow regions to share their experience on monitoring, evaluating, and designing RIS3. It is an opportunity to discuss and create synergies through sharing experiences and good practices on RIS3. 

It is an opportunity to reflect on new policy trends in monitoring, evaluating, and designing RIS3. An opportunity to meet and network with experts in RIS3 and learn about the latest tools in monitoring, evaluating, and designing RIS3. 

What should you expect...

  • Learn about common challenges and tools in monitoring, evaluating, and designing RIS3.
  • Meet and network with a talented group of peers—26 projects are expected to participate.
  • Learn about the latest tools and trends in RIS3 from the JRC S3 platform in Seville, Peter Berkowitz from DG Regio, and Ron Boschma from Utrecht University.
  • Bring your knowledge and showcase your experience. 

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