Can a robot fall in love?

The answer is simple – no, but policymakers should consider this and other questions raised by AI, said participants at Vienna conference about social sciences and humanities, organized on 28 November 2018 by the Austrian Presidency of the EU. 

Participants of the event noted, that governments are already financing with billions of dollars computer-science research on AI, but no one is thinking about the social dimensions of the study. And the question – ‘Can a robot fall in love with us’ – is symbolic of the issues that need to be raised when discussing AI. 

Another important problem, which was noticed during the meeting is how to teach ethics. Harald Leitenmüller, chief technology officer at Microsoft Austria, said, that the solution is for schools to teach basic ethical concepts early so that AI engineers will be better prepared to explore the more complex ethical implications of their field.

Participants also discussed geopolitical concerns - how different legal and ethical frameworks in different parts of the world might affect the pace of AI development. 


Can a robot fall in love?