How to use virtual reality to train emergency services?

Have you ever thought how hard is to train emergency services such as police, paramedics, firefighters and the others?
Real environment is hard to recreate in real life without any dangers, but here to help comes virtual reality.
Imagine - police training without a possibility to get hurt by a possible agresor? Or firefighter that can get to know how to react when the house is burning, but without any flames?
That where virtual reality can be more than helpful.
Virtual reality can help everyone to recreate conditions, that in real life could be harmful if not deadly. 
Our project partners, specialists from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (University of West Bohemia) developed VIRTUAL REALITY enviornment that helps to train emergency service personnel and get them prepaired for various operations at all times. What is even more innovative in this situation - there is no need for any special virtual reality headset.