S3 Thematic Platforms Conference and Meetings in Bilbao

Valeria Szabó and Gábor Vámosi from LENERG Energy Agency Nonprofit Llc., which is one of the audited Regional Observatories of project partner INNOVA, participated on S3 Thematic Platform Days  which was held on the 27th and 28th of November in Bilbao. 

This two-day event brought together more than 200 participants: partners from the three Thematic Platforms (Agri-Food, Energy and Industrial Modernisation), representatives of the European Institutions working on the development of Smart Specialisation Strategies across European Regions and thematic experts.

Representatives of the company gave a presentation about new project ideas of the energy agency. They also mentioned to the crowd that how proud LENERG is, that the INNOVA has selected and audited their company for its great features, services and value chain, during the auditing process phase of the SMART_watch project. 

More information about the event: