We are proud of our Slovenian partner, TECES

The quality labelling system consists of three levels – Bronze, Silver and Gold
TECES is the first Slovenian cluster to receive the Silver Label for cluster management excellence awarded by ESCA, the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis.

TECES works in the field of energy efficient solutions and energy conversion and is also the holder of Smart Buildings and Home including Wood Chain, Strategic Research and Innovation Partnership, which is one of the nine key national partnerships according to Slovenian Smart Specialisation Strategy (S3). In the recent years TECES has successfully participated in different cluster activities across Europe.
Its work didn’t go unnoticed as The European Secretariat for ClusterAnalysis' (ESCA’s) award was granted on the basis of TECES’ current activities and improvements in the quality of the cluster management process.

The Silver Label proves that the new strategic orientations, which the cluster management team has drawn together with its members, have successfully been implemented, and it is at the same time motivation for further work focused on encouraging the members’ innovative potential and strengthening the links among them to create a higher added value.