Past news:

1/17/2020 4th Meeting of the Working Group 'H2020 for RIS3'

12/30/2019 Implementing Smart Specialisation: An analysis of practices across Europe

12/30/2019 Smart grids in the new programming period

11/29/2019 Future 4.0 conference in Velenje, Slovenia

11/28/2019 SMART_watch at Smart Business Festival in Prague

11/22/2019 Regional Workshops in Gliwice, Poland

11/20/2019 Additional Steering Committee Meeting and Technical Meeting in Warsaw, Poland

11/20/2019 University of Wismar joins EU’s post-2020 Smart Specialisation Seminar 

11/18/2019 Regional workshops in Gliwice, Poland

11/8/2019 Additional Steering Committee Meeting and Technical Meeting

11/5/2019 Digitalisation and New Technologies in Agri-food 

11/10/2019  SMART_watch workshops in Lublin 

11/10/2019 How to monitor technological and market trends in the region?

10/10/2019 SMART REGIONS Conference 3.0 

10/08/2019 Smart Specialistation in the Arctic Regions

2019 Clusters of Change Bootcamp

9/26/2019 V° Project Transnational meeting in Turin

8/8/2019 Digital Innovation Hubs and Smart Specialisation Strategies

7/30/2019 Modernisation of the Food Industry

7/22/2019 What are the technologies that will reshape our world? 

7/15/2019 Have your say on future objectives for EU-funded research and innovation

7/9/2019 Asia-Europe Sustainable Connectivity Scientific Conference

7/3/2019 TGZ Student Day on June 13th 2019 in Schwerin

7/3/2019 Supporting the effective uptake of Cohesion Policy funds in energy

6/24/2019 Smart Specialisation in the world

6/18/2019 The 2019 PREDICT Key Facts Report

6/3/2019 European cluster conference with 450 participants 'connecting ecosystems'

5/14/2019  Save the date: Conference "Supporting Smart Specialisation Strategies and Technology Transfer in South-East Europe"

5/8/2019  Future Living in Slovenia

5/6/2019  Corporate Meeting Smart Building & Hospitality

4/30/2019  Press Conference in Debrecen

4/29/2019   EU Green Week

4/29/2019  Open Day of the European institutions in Brussels

4/23/2019  Lubelskie Region - a healthy land of food and forests

4/18/2019  Production digitization - Challenges of EU regions in Vanguard ESM

 3/19/2019 The European Commission is launching the PCI Energy Days

4/2/2019 For patients health and welfare!

3/24/2019  Networking and study visits in Kapfenberg, Austria

2/27/2019  Horizon 2020 Info Day on the 4th call of Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE

3/11/2019  SMART_watch project in Ljubljana

3/24/2019  Networking event at Kapfenberg

3/19/2019  SMART_watch on 9th Slovak Winter Seminar of Regional Science

2/19/2019  Europe, let’s cooperate!

2/11/2019  Workshop on life science in Lubelskie Voivodship

2/8/2019  Educational technology innovations at BETT Show

2/5/2019  Integrating genomics into personalised healthcare: a science-for-policy perspective

1/23/2019 Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE is launching new call on 4 March

1/21/2019  Cooperation for Smart Specialisation – 1st Western Balkans workshop

1/14/2019  Over €300 million available to energy projects

1/9/2019   Smart Specialisation: monitoring and evaluation State of the play and next steps

1/2/2019  The EU has agreed to ban throw-away plastics

12/28/2018  The third edition of the Silesian Science Festival 

12/27/2018  The future of European AI is being written now

12/19/2018  Inspire and get inspired!

12/17/2018  Successful R&I in Europe 2019, 10th European Networking Event

12/13/2018   XVI Conference on Medical Robots in Zabrze, Poland

12/13/2018  The Higher Education in Smart Specialization project 

12/11/2018   S3 Partnership on Sustainable Buildings

12/5/2018   PW-Sat2 carried out into space on Falcon 9

12/3/2018   A round-table and workshops in Kecskemet 

11/30/2018  European Innovation Week in Lublin

11/30/2018   S3 Thematic Platforms Conference and Meetings in Bilbao

11/26/2018   Project transnational meeting in Maribor, Slovenia

11/26/2018   Seminar on European Territorial Cooperation in the Silesian region

11/26/2018   Workshops at Instytut Techniki i Aparatury Medycznej ITAM in Zabrze, Poland

9/25/2018   SMART_watch - debate during Silesian Innovation Council 2018

9/25/2018   A.T2.1 Pilot action – groups meeting and competences map testing

9/25/2018  Silicon Austria Labs - new high tech research centers for microelectronics

9/25/2018  Get informed about University of West Bohemia

9/24/2018   How to use virtual reality to train emergency services?

9/6/2018   TECES is the first Slovenian cluster to receive the Silver Label for cluster management excellence

9/21/2018   Smart solutions in real life

9/20/2018  Competence map is almost finished

9/21/2018  Pilot action finished 05.2018

9/20/2018  Silicon Labs Austria 1

7/7/2018  Archive news and events of SMART_watch project

9/5/2018  Storytelling and enterpreneurship of tomorrow open new goals in cooperation and research topics at Lubelskie Voivodeship, Poland

9/5/2018  External audits to examine the nature of the function in the environment of smart regional specializations at Lublin Institutions of Business Environment