Pilot action finished - 32 Regional Observatories after auditing 

A sample of 32 Regional Observatories was selected in the various CE regions for their auditing first pilot phase.
Gathered information have been analysed and aggregated throughout and online IT tool, mapping the project consortium regional competences, to be based on a platform that will show geolocation, services offered, tools provided for SMEs by the Regional Observatories, including both the regions with existing observatories and monitoring institutions as well as those who have the potential deal with the RIS monitoring in the regions that are still building those observatory systems, with the possibility of extending information from the Central Europe level to an European Level.
The Lead Partner together with Confindustria Veneto SIAV’s external expert organised a structured discussion to exchange the experiences on pilot audits, with the aim to find possible ways  to  improve  the  audit  contents,  process  and  procedure  as  well  as  to  feedback  the technology supporting the audits. 
Accordingly,  three  taskforces were created  to  discuss  reasons  for  observed  issues  and  to pursuit  the  solutions.  The  pictures  below  show  the  peer  learning  and  process during the workshop that allowed partners to further contribute with comments and suggestions  with regard to three topics of the taskforce Process–Content–Technology.