STEP RI Science and technology park of the University of Rijeka is a partner on a great Interreg Central Europe project digitalLIFE4CE

Rijeka,  4th September 2017

STEP RI got 4 new projects in 2017 which is a continuation of the success of this support institution. One of the four new projects is the Interreg Central Europe project digitalLIFE4CE whose main goal is to make the Central European region a zone of excellence in the field of digital healthcare solutions.

Project digitalLIFE4CE gathers  7 regions of Central Europe and their leading institutions with the aim to tackle the complex challenges of  digitalization with a special focus on encouraging the implementation of innovative solutions in health and medicine.  It is an impressive partnership led by University of Applied Sciences Burgenland from Austria. The rest of the partnership brings together partners from Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Poland and Croatia. The main objective of the project is to increase the competitiveness of Central European countries through stimulating innovation and regional co-operation.

 With the aim of fostering innovation and cooperation at the local level, STEP RI has entered into the digitalLIFE4CE project with its affiliated partner Clinical-hospital Center Rijeka, with whom it actively cooperates in stimulating innovative climate and cooperation in healthcare. In addition, STEP RI actively cooperates with several institutions, organizations and companies that contribute to the development of digitized solutions in health and medicine through their projects, business ideas and entrepreneurship. A great example of such a business venture is certainly Adrivel Ltd. whose website/project aims to provide users with access to various laboratory services that are functionally grouped to fully monitor their health at prices lower than normal market prices. Another successful example of a good business idea that turned into the product is Pharmalogger, the Alius Group project, which precisely measures, controls and keeps the drug at all stages from production to distribution and satisfaction. It is also worth mentioning the Biomed Systems company that has developed the Laboratory Assistant and Biobanking Application or LABA software, which manages the main activities in laboratories. STEP RI has established cooperation with health institutions, such as the Clinical-hospital Center Rijeka, as well as the Educational Institute of Public Health, which has developed a Model of Measurement of Efficiency of Public Health Services in cooperation with the Faculty of Economics in Rijeka.

 STEP RI Science and technology park of the University of Rijeka is an entrepreneurial support institution established in 2008 by the University of Rijeka in order to become the premier science and technology hub, facilitating the commercialisation of Research and Development and to foster cooperation between the scientific community and industry. Step Ri is a widely recognised centre of innovative and entrepreneurial support infrastructure of the ministries of Economy and Entrepreneurship and Crafts in Croatia, a partner in the Proof of Concept programme organised by the Croatian agency for SMEs and investments (HAMAG-BICRO) as well as a major regional provider of business know-how.

Hereby, STEP RI invites all interested institutions, organizations and companies that are focused on promoting innovative solutions in healthcare and medicine and wish to participate in the digitalLIFE4CE project by offering their ideas, projects, products and services as examples of good practice in terms of digital solutions in healthcare and medicine. You can contact us on the following email: or phone: +385 51 265 971. In case you need additional information please feel free to contact project manager Ana Marković Čunko via e-mail or by phone +385 51 265 971.

by Ana Marković Čunko