Kick-off meeting in Jászberény


The Stimulart kick-off meeting was hosted by Jászberény, the Lead Partner of the project on the 3-5th of June. The venue of the event was reflective of the project core features as it took place in a refurbished mansion turned into a multifunctional cultural and gastronomic complex ran by local entrepreneur and art curator…
On the first two days of the event the partnership was engaged with the indispensable kick-off activities such as discussing the steps to put project management and communication plan into practice and the implementation plan into shape, all in the coordination of the LP management team. The third day however was fully devoted to thematic issues. Regensburg University as the knowledge provider delivered support to reach a shared understanding of the basic terms and ongoing processes of CCI in Europe. 
Each of the five partner cities took the floor to give a snapshot of their locations and introduce their strategic targets to be reached via the Stimulart activities. The scheduled thematic discussions along with the coffee-break take-time talks enabled the participants to share views on CCI potentials formally and informally too. 
The tightly scheduled preparation for the project implementation was flavoured with a guided tour in the art gallery of the event venue, a visit to the local museum and also to the Jászberény Zoo.
After the 2,5-day-meeting partners left to their home cities dedicated to progress with the implementation of the project and make use of the new experiences gained during the Kick-off Meeting. Since then partners have kept in touch via online platforms to discuss thematic issues and share CCI related news.