The StimulArt project PILOTs have already started to be implemented. The PILOTs are mostly related a) to turn cultural heritage assets into creative products and services by developing local culture-based creativity and improving entrepreneurial and individual skills; b) to revitalise abandoned and underutilised infrastructure and urban spaces to be reintroduced as venues hosting or incubating CCI activities; c) to create a regional reference point for CCI start-ups and other innovators. 

 As a very first step, in Jászberény, the new venue of the Creative Shop, which is at the Déryné Center, will be completely reconstructed and refurbished. The project is well-embedded in the CCI strategy of Jászberény (defined as a key project), a working group has been set up and the business and operational planning of the shop is an ongoing activity. Vittorio Veneto’s PILOTwillbe the implementation of CCI incubation model in Vittorio Veneto FabLab. Their working group decided to focus User-Acceptance Testing Area (UATA) on technologies related to VR. They will develop and test methods, commodities and equipment to orient products and services towards more effective value proposition and to fit CCI products for market expectations. The PILOT in Kamnik is the Creative District Barutana,abandoned industrial heritage (former gunpowder factory, operating in the city from 1852 until 2008) transformed into a new production centre and cultural venue in the city. Naumburg’s PILOT project is the Pop-up Festival Naumburg Kreativ. The programme will pursue various objectives by diverse creative formats: event formats for networking and presentation of local CCI to increase visibility, marketplace and Pop-up Store for local arts and craft marketing, workshops and seminars for education and mediation of CCI stakeholders. PILOT planning in Amberg is at a turning point. One of the first findings of the strategy making process was the need to refine the chosen pilot project (an open platform and a mobile app to foster co-working and shared marketing for CCI actors) became less relevant with the establishment of the local CCI Association. The initial concept will be redefined.