1st Stimulart Award local champion from Jászberény (HU) - May 2020
The first local champion is Sára Jázmin Nagy, 17 years of age, a student at Lehel Vezér Secondary Grammar School.
The first call in Jászberény targeted the teens asking them to produce a creative piece which fits in one's hand and can be associated with the city. The youngsters could use any technique and materials possibly in combination. Sára, the winner produced a room decoration, using a special tech of FELTING (dry, using a needle) with traditional local patterns of the Jászság. Handing over the award to her was postponed due to the Covid19 restrictions but was already possible on the 19th of May in the Townhall of Jászberény.


2st Stimulart Award local champion from Jászberény (HU) - May 2021

The winner(s) of the 2nd STIMULART Award (with the topic of: My Creative Product) of Jászberény was announced on 28 May, at the opening of the POP-UP store.

The STIMULART awarded winner(s) are:

-              Boglárka Bíró, creates ceramic design objects / sculptures,

-              Ildikó Jakusné Farkas – potter,

-              Melinda Tőzsér artisan, husks, and bulrush object maker,

-              Gábor Koncz painter, graphic designer

whose products are presented at the POP-UP store.

The POP-UP store will be operated for a temporary period – for 5 weeks from the 28th of May. Afterwards, the Creative store – called RoomLi - will take its place and will be officially launched as the pilot project of Jászberény within the STIMULART project. RoomLi will officially open its door in September 2021. RoomLi will present custom products of Jászság artists, which can be purchased directly from the creators.

As a Creative shop, exhibition, and community place of Jászság artists, Roomli’s primary mission is to ensure the visibility of creative products created in the city and its region and to help creative products and services reach the market. Therefore, it contributes to creating new and exciting opportunities for creative artists and businesses of the Jászság creative community.

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3rd Stimulart Award local champion from Jászberény (HU) - May 2021

The 3rd Award was centered around film making as a creative activity among young people.

The „My creative film” aimed at receiving 2, up to 3-minute videos made by young people aged between 14 and 20 based in in Jászberény and Jászság region. The films were expected to represent how they experience creativity in their everyday lives, either as observers, participants of creative, innovative cultural and community value-creating activities, or as active participants of creative activities. 

Among the entries received, the work of Gergő Rabi-Nagy – Logiscool, a creative place – corresponded to the competition in all aspects. In the implementation of the film, he used a lot of techniques and solutions. Of these, which also corresponded to the entire call for proposals, there were few entries received. Gergő's short film was awarded by the jury as the first prize.

The runner-up, Hanna Habencius (My Life as a Mentor) made a portrait film in the traditional sense, which also had a virtue of the creator's personal attachment. Its greatest value is the message that expressed the community-building power of the presented person and the place.

István Heatgye's film My Grandmother received a special prize, it was literally not related to all the elements of the call, but it showed the beauty and kindness of the personal story in a pictorial formulation that touched the recipient deeply and was able to maintain his attention throughout.

Although the application addressed the students of Jászberény and Jászság, all entries came from the students of Lehel Vezér Secondary School.