STIMULART AWARD - Vittorio Veneto (IT)

1st Stimulart Award local champion from Vittorio Veneto (IT) - 2020

"Let's create the image of the city", the first edition of the competition of ideas addressed to young people.  With the competition the youngsters get to grips with the art and decoration market by meeting professionals in the sector. In this case, the partner of the initiative was the local company ABS group, specialised in the image and communication sector. 

The young people created, on the basis of a print layout provided to them, the graphics of a protective mask like the ones used to wearing in this period of pandemic. Everyone was free to give substance to their idea either through traditional techniques, such as drawing with crayons, watercolours or felt-tip pens, or through digital techniques, photography or the various graphic layout softwares. 

Nora Pagot from the "Lorenzo da Ponte" secondary school won the 1st Award. The prize-giving ceremony took place at the Lorenzo Da Ponte School on 27 May 2021.
2st Stimulart Award local champion from Vittorio Veneto (IT) - 2021

The Stimulart Award competition - second edition was addressed to all cultural and creative enterprises (companies, associations, freelancers, creatives without legal status) of Vittorio Veneto and the Municipalities of the Vittoriese area.

Aims The object of the competition was the creation of an object representing 'Vittorio Veneto city of art and music'. The object will then be used by the municipal administration as a gift for institutional and private guests invited to ceremonies and events. Participants could interpret the competition through their own sensitivity and may use any type of material as long as the object is easy to reproduce and has low costs. The object shall have a minimum size of 5x5x5 cm and a maximum size of 20x20x20 cm.

Only one participant was to the competition: Carlo Pirolo. His object presents a formal synthesis of the figures of the violin and the dove, offering a simple and clean design.

The prize has not been assigned due to the decision taken by the quality committee.


3rd Stimulart Award local champion from Vittorio Veneto (IT) - 2022

Topic: "A new image for the Choral Competition"

The Stimulart Award competition - 3rd edition was addressed to all cultural and creative enterprises: companies, freelancers and creatives without legal status (provided that they were of age on the date of the announcement deadline) that have their registered office or operational headquarters in Italy. The object of the competition was the creation of a new illustration for the National Choral Competition "Trofei Città di Vittorio Veneto'. The selected illustration was supposed to be used by the municipal administration to produce all the printed and digital communication materials produced to promote the event, including the new dedicated website.

Competition of ideas aimed at creative companies, cultural associations and creatives without a legal position. The Quality Jury of the III Stimulart Award, appointed by the Municipality of Vittorio Veneto, and composed of Arcadio Lobato (Artist), Anna Casaburi (Advertising Graphic Designer), Antonella Uliana (Councillor for Culture and Art Historian), Daniela Della Torre (Official of the Municipality of Vittorio Veneto, Head of Institutional and Promotional Services) met on 24 March 2022. The Jury carefully examined the 66 works received and in compliance with the requirements of the call, in order to identify their compliance with the aims of the call (art. 3). At the end of the examination and after extensive discussion, the Jury unanimously decided that none of the works submitted met the quality criteria set out in art. 7 of the call. It therefore unanimously decided to award 0 points for each criterion in Article 7 to each of the 66 works examined. Consequently, the prize was not awarded.