Freight Quality Partnerships (FQPs)

Thanks to SULPiTER, authorities implemented a number of Freight Quality Partnernship (FQP) Meetings to discuss with relevant stakeholders the plans and policies for their FUAs. Download our related documents in the Section SULPiTER Documents - WPT2 where you can find more information on how the FQPs were carried out.

In literature and also in SULPiTER, The FQPs have many interesting points in common to help build a common vision on policies and measures:

•They are a form of cooperation of stakeholders in logistics.

•The cooperation is formalized, i.e. there is an agreement that it will be continuous and deal about specific topics with specific partners.

•Among the stakeholders are people from the public as well as from the private sector, and each represents his or her institution.

•There may/should be stakeholders from other parts of the society, e.g. research or the broader public.

•The stakeholders meet on a regular base.

•The stakeholders debate questions of logistics in a structured way.

•The target is to make logistics in the area more sustainable. In our case, the area is the “Functional Urban Area”, see next chapter.

•The members of the FQP work towards solutions in projects which may include one or more members, and on which the progress is monitored by the FQP.

•The members of the FQP also work towards solutions that include the public sector, for example through changes in infrastructure and regulations.