Report on logistics survey in Budapest Functional Urban Area within SULPiTER project is now available

A step forwards towards Sustainable Urban Logistics Plan for Budapest 18th District and Vecsés

The recently finished report prepared by the mobility expert company Mobilissimus Ltd. will be the backbone of the Sustainable Urban Logistics Plan for Budapest 18th District and Vecsés, the two neighbouring Hungarian project partners within SULPiTER project. The report evaluates surveys and questionnaires stemming from retail shops and logistics service providers located and operating within the Budapest Functional Urban Area as well as traffic count measurement data. The goal of the survey was to gain a deeper insight into the logistics processes and infrastructure of the area analysed. The retail questionnaire addressing the demand side of the logistics processes contained 165 questions where 381 commercial units were interviewed whereas in the case of 3rd party logistics service provider surveys concerning the supply side resulted in 10 transport and courier company interviews.

The executive summary of the report translated to English can be downloaded from this link.