The SMART COMMUTING project started in 2017 and has finished in 2021. Through this time the project fostered coordination structure at FUA level, involving municipalities of surrounding terriotries, Public Transport companies etc, so that a sustainable planning at this challenging upper level also promoted a more internal coordination within municipalities, which before the project was largely missing. Various joint actions (SWOT analysis, institutional platform at FUA level, training and capacitiy building processes, pilot actions within the territories etc.) supported the expected change, and they consisted in enhancement of public sector's capacity of sustainable mobility planning and implementig, combined with some immediate solutions to make involved FUAs more liveable, free-carbon and attractive.

The regional and local authorities and related entities have benefited form the transnational strategy to promote smarter commuting, the institutional platform to design and share actions at the FUA level, many trainings organized by the project and the pilot actions implemented by partners.