Tool #1: Decision matrix  

Description of the tool:

The driving aim of SURFACE project is to promote the smart re-use parks in Central Europe to elevate the waste management to higher environmental and social dimensions with integrating separate re-use related actions into one premise in urban environment.

The Decision Matrix Tool is assigned to scatter the built-up knowledge and know-how for a wider implementation of Smart Re-use Park (SRP) concepts throughout in and outside the Central European territory.

If you are considering to launch your own SRP or to develop your existing one, this tool assists you to evaluate your status and helps you to identify the bottlenecks and opportunities on the following dimensions:

1.            Legislation

2.            Private Business

3.            State Subsidy

4.            Socio-Economy Aspects

5.            Public Awareness

6.            Smart Re-use Park Implementation Potential

7.            Demand on Second-hand Items

8.            Supply on Second-hand Items

After the assessment of all categories a clear picture on the situation is available and allows a decision whether to start with further re-use activities and where efforts are needed in future for optimum preconditions. 

How to use it:

The survey comprises 8 categorized questions with predefined answers with marking from 1-5.

The eight questions are then followed by three additional questions on implementation, where the answers here are also predefined with “Yes” or “No” options. For every question a free text cell is offered for making remarks and amendments.

All questions have got a hint aiming common perception, as well as short description on all optional answers (grades). Every project partner having FUA were asked to apply the questions specifically to their FUA and fill in accordingly. Their answers are then presented automatically in an excel spider web diagram for an easier review and comparison. So, overall we had 9 complete surveys at the end.