Tool #7: Training curricula´s for SRP managers  

Description of the tool:

The training scheme for public and private management of a Smart Re-Use Park has defined 6 different modules. Those modules are:

  • General overview on waste prevention and re-use
  • Collection, sorting and logistics
  • Preparation for re-use
  • Strategies for re-use shops
  • Communication plan for SRPs
  • Innovation management for re-use providers

Each module comprises description on learning target, target group, format of training, schedule and setting of the training, materials as well as topics and content in brief. Therefore, the curricula is a basis for the later carrying out of the training itself.

How to use it:

As mentioned in the description the curricula are brief descriptions of the intended content and set-up of the training. Those who want to implement a SRP and have need to train the management of participating actors can use it as basis for offering a training/course. As during SURFACE pilot training will be conducted even more materials (like ppt-presentations, handouts, etc) can be found from project partners or website.