Activation toolbox – what is inside?  

One of SURFACE´s most important outcomes is a number of tools and instruments that are established throughout the 3 years project phase. Besides pilot actions, training and action plans, those tools should be something that will help other regions or cities when starting Smart Re-Use Park (SRP) activities.
In a dedicated webpage section, separate tools will be introduced in more detail. Here is a small list of tools and instruments you can expect:
•    A decision support tool to show the current re-use situation in a spider-diagram
•    Multi-Stakeholder Forum (MSF) to allow the exchange of know-how between re-use stakeholders
•    Cooperation Matrix to describe synergies and combinations between re-use actors in a region
•    Template of a Collaboration agreement between re-use actors
•    Policy and operational requirements for case histories
•    Calculation model to present economic and financial scenarios of an SRP
•    Training curricula´s for SRP managers
•    Quality scheme to describe quality criteria when designing and running SRPs