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Recycle is Silver, Reuse is Gold
What Surface motto recalls in Italian street people



Partner opinions
Expectations on the project by participating project partners



Surface in pills
Ten partners form Central Europe countries working together with a single goal:
promote Smart ReUse Parks to oppose consumer and disposable society



IURS inspirational video
Let inspire your city to start own reuse project. This video was made thanks to SURFACE project supported by the Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE 



CPU - FUA Ljubljana
With reuse to a healthy environment 


__________________________ educational training program's educational training program brings news and experiences for a more sustainable, personalized lifestyle. It encourages reuse and a more responsible attitude towards waste as raw materials. He revives and preserves the artistic skills of his ancestors, which he complements with new knowledge. With heart culture and sincere intergenerational dialogue between co-creators, experts and experts in various fields, it contributes to raising an individual and, consequently, to a more responsible, successful and more sustainable society.



ZAK - Kaufhois
The benefits and function of second hand department store in Kempten - Germany



Re-use in practice: 
Refurbishing and renting medical & mobility equipment in France

Reuse in practice