How CPU Reuse Center Slovenia responded to Coronavirus challenges

Reuse Center (CPU) is a project partner Surface, as a social enterprise in the field of re-use in the marketplace, looks for problems and turns them into challenges in an entrepreneurial way. The CPU carries out the sewing business under the brand name CPU design and CPU nostalgia, with the acquisition of a European closed-loop model product. The mission of the CPU is to use only what already exists. All the materials used to make the products were identified as redundant, even as waste. They take over redundant products and industrial waste materials, transforming them into new, usable products with the upcycling process.

In the recent Corona virus outbreak, they responded immediately to the CPU, especially when we realized that we could contribute to two factors, helping to provide much-needed protective masks and at the same time helping to reduce environmental burden. The masks produce in the CPU are made of cotton fabric residues, are backed with eco-certified sanitary material, have a nose wire built in, are washable and are reusable. Masks are made "for him" and "for her" and for children. Baby masks are particularly good at responding, since most mask makers only produce masks that are adult-friendly. Sustainable mask users are environmentally conscious and, in addition to the security afforded by the masks, is of even greater importance to them. Reusable CPU masks are also found among politicians and many other knowledgeable companies and individuals. An important aspect of CPU work is raising public awareness of the importance of saving resources that are scarce. Therefore, it is expected that the company will recognize the importance of reducing resource use in the future, thus avoiding the use of disposable products that cause waste growth and garbage, such as disposable masks.

The Surface project contributes to the awareness of the importance of re-use, local processing and production of new products through a closed loop system, where we are not only dependent on new resources that are limited, and through the use of products we are raising awareness of the importance of social responsibility even in times of crisis.