Continue to use instead of throwing away 
Continue to use instead of throwing away

Allgäuer Zeitung Kempten vom 07.07.2017

Preventing waste and protecting resources, ZAK's Claudia Mayer sums up the ZAK's goal. ZAK's mission is to encourage the reuse of discarded furniture, appliances, toys, books and other items.. The ZAK also wants to merge existing institutions and create a network. Even repair cafes and small craft shops that offer repairs, should be involved. ZAK Managing Director Karl-Heinz Lumer calls this repair finder: he can imagine that citizens will find the various offers bundled on a website in the future.

SURFACE a support program across borders

A support program is a funding program in which countries work together to prevent waste. The nine project partners are Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Croatia, the Czech Republic and Belgium.

Among other things, the general objective is to network interest groups and integrate them into integrated environmental management. This is based on the Reuse concept (reuse) and should lead to a practicable approach to waste prevention. In particular, it aims to illustrate that reuse is the key to sustainable consumption and sustainable lifestyles. The results from the project are presented to stimulate further actions.