SURFACE Facebook campaign fro Re-Use promoting

Due to COVID19 emergency SURFACE project had to change plans on Final Conference organization.

The original plan envisioned by the project specifications required the organization of a large Final conference open to experts on Re-use and to General public.
With the restrictions made necessary to avoid infection spread, project partners have agreed to reach an assembly of experts through two webinars where Re-use and related topics have been discussed.

The goal of reaching general public has been achieved through an intense Facebook campaign on SURFACE achievements and public awareness on Re-use.
The project Facebook page, already active since project start, has been populated during the whole month of May 2020, with posts, news, videos, project deliveries in order to reach the greatest number of recipients to be considered “general public”.

The following document is reporting on the outputs of this FB campaign, in terms of reach and public engagement.

Report on Facebook Campaign