Logistics Training for SRP

Within the framework of project SURFACE, a training workshop session has been organised on re-use and re-use centers related logistics by Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd. for Applied Research on 5th May 2020. Due to the pandemic situation, the program was implemented online.

The training consisted of two parts. In the first part the speakers reviewed the legal background of waste prevention and reuse, and presented international good practices. In the second part of the workshop the collection, sorting and logistics tasks were examined. Mr. Matthias Neitsch as an international expert on re-use was invited.

The program ended with a discussion of the issues raised.

Most of the participantss were public service providers involved in the operation of the re-use center, as well as other interested parties, such as charity shops, artists and designers working from recycled materials.

The aim of the workshop was to provide a comprehensive overview of the importance of re-use and waste prevention along with revealing their untapped potentials, as well as presenting good international practices. Special attention was dedicated to the logistics aspects during development of a Smart Re-use Park and also to the question of handling the WEEE for preparing for re-use.

Webstreaming here