Mineka - Reuse of building elements

In Lyon in France we find a small - but fine - ReUse project. Mineka (Matériaux de construction à [ré]utiliser) is the name of the project and was founded by female architects to give a second life to building elements from demolition houses and to bring surplus materials from construction sites back into the community. The small warehouse on the outskirts of the city is frequented mainly by private house builders, but also by architects looking for a creative unique piece. When founder Joanne Boachon and her committed colleague Marine Supiot explain, they work exclusively with professionals to obtain materials.  They pay Mineka the same price for picking up the building elements, as they would have to pay for the disposal of the material. Mineka, which means phoenix in the Aboriginal language, was founded three years ago. Measured against the gigantic construction projects in Lyon, a city of over a million inhabitants, Mineka is still a drop in the ocean - but an important step towards a circular economy. Mineka successfully demonstrates that the reuse of building elements can open up a new market for reuse initiatives.