First Smart Reuse Park Forum in Rimini

On Friday 8 November 2019, at 10.00 am, the Municipalities of the province of Rimini met at the headquarters of the Partner PP04 PoR, showing their in the SURFACE project and to structure the feasibility study in accordance with their needs and requirements. 
Seven municipalities attended the meeting
During the meeting, a Smart ReUse Park was presented in a practical and direct way, emphasizing above all the positive aspects and the related opportunities. This is a fundamental step to pass the strategy that constitutes the SRP, differentiating it from a normal Reuse Center, already planned by the regulations of the Emilia-Romagna Region.

Discussion focused on the concept of FUA and the importance of the involvement of different stakeholders within the SURFACE project, and therefore the aspects related to the cooperation between different public and private subjects who can collaborate together to achieve the objectives of SURFACE and the SRP.

Another element were the possible "services" that the SRP can provide, in relation to the needs of the territories. In fact, the Municipalities have talked about previous experiences, about similar projects already started in their territories, but too often disconnected from each other. They stressed out that building when a network, opportunities could be further enhanced and valorised.

For this reason, given the initial presence of several already existing realities in the territories, the Municipalities have determined to:

  • focus on networking in the province of Rimini;
  • involve above all third sector subjects.
  • be aimed at the weaker sections of the population to support the support activities already envisaged in the Municipalities.

Main problems highlighted:

  • absence of a reference point for reuse and recycling activities
  • difficulty in identifying an adequate governance structure
  • concept of reuse complicated to transfer
  • risk that everyone will act considering only their local interest
    Fora 1 Rimini