SRP Fora Ljubljana
Smart Reuse Park Forum in Ljubljana

On Tuesday, September 17. 2019, CENTER PONOVNE UPORABE D.O.O., SO.P.,  organized an open discussion (FORUM) on the topic "SMART REUSE PARK", they sought improvements and answers to the question:
"Are we as a societ

y environmentally responsible enough to reduce waste and live more sustainably?".
Open discussion was held at the premises of the European Union House, Dunajska cesta 20, Ljubljana.

Open discussions were attended by:
Mag. Zala Strojin Christmas
(MOL), Maja Bajželj (editor of My Planet magazine), Živa Lopatič (Fair Trade), Nina Sankovic (JP VOKA SNAGA), Petra Grmek Green (Trust Institute, Etri Community), Dr. Viktor Grilc (Surface External Expert), Anton Komat (environmentalist), Ana Le Merechal - Kolar (Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries Directorate, Head of Promotion) and Tanja Gobec (representative of organic farmers).

Director of the Reuse Center, dr. Marinka Vovk addressed the participants and presented the operation of the CENTER PONOVNE UPORABE and SURFACE PROJECT. Ajda Pirš, a collaborator of the project, further explained the leaflet with which the CENTER PONOVNE UPORABE wants to inform FUA residents how they can start living sustainably or how they can change their lifestyles leading to social, sustainable and environmental responsibility.

Participants briefly introduced themselves and provided opinions and information on how they, as representatives of Smart Reuse Park stakeholders and FUAs, contribute to waste prevention, reuse, and efficient resource management and nature conservation.

Discussion Summary:
It is right to start raising awareness of the society at all levels, starting with the youngest - which is already happening, both in schools and kindergartens, but it should be addressed systematically, and things should be looked at holistically. Too many matters left to the good will of individuals. It is important to learn how to identify problems and find solutions to, how to improve bad patterns, and to think for ourselves about changing our lifestyle and starting a more holistic life.

We have concluded that the stakeholders of the Smart reuse park and the FUA area are very active.

Through an open discussion, CENTER PONOVNE UPORABE has received feedback, opinions and ideas on how different stakeholders can and will contribute to the design of the Smart Reuse Park, reducing and preventing waste generation, reuse, and efficient resource management and nature conservation.

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