The Smart Reuse Park launched in Torun (Kujawsko-Pomorskie Region)

In November 2019, the Kujawsko-Pomorskie region in Poland launched the first Smart Reuse Park under the name Repair Cafe Stajnia - Reuse Point.

Inhabitants of the region can visit the Reuse Point to repair damaged items with the help of specialists and leave there unnecessary things which will be repaired if necessary and sold. Thanks to that the unwanted items gain a second life. 

One of the activities realized in the Reuse Point are thematic workshops, during which the participants learn how to fix things or make practical everyday items. The workshops are addressed to children, adults and seniors. So far there have been organized workshops on: candle recycling, furniture renovation, bicycle repair and of making feeders. 

The Reuse Point accepts the following items:

  • small furniture (e.g. chairs, tables, shelves, etc.),
  • bikes,
  • selected textiles (e.g. bags, suitcases, curtains, etc.),
  • items for upcycling: e.g. old banners, t-shirts, jewelry, etc.,
  • toys, including batteries, sports and leisure equipment,
  • non-electric household appliances,
  • others (tools, souvenirs, toys, sports equipment, CD / DVD).

The Reuse Point is run by the Tilia Association, which is a non-governmental organization that is involved in multi-task environmental and social activities. The main goal of the Association is to raise ecological awareness through ecological education.

Torun 1
Torun 2