The Smart Reuse Park in Vicenza (Italy)

The Smart Reuse Park of Vicenza is a network of structures, services and relationships between social enterprises, public sector, private profit companies, associations, citizenship that cooperate for the reduction of waste and optimization of resources through Reuse and Preparation for Reuse, strongly linked to recycling, in a circular economy perspective.

The Smart Reuse Park is a physical and virtual space, comprehending and involving second hand shops, workshops, public events and exhibitions, a local network of subjects engaged in reuse and repair, Repair Cafès, educational labs, online market placement of reuse items. All this together with the R&D of innovative business models for the cooperation between the public and social-private sector for the management of waste oriented to reduction through reuse. Pilot actions of the SRP involve primarily Municipality of Vicenza, the city waste management company and an environmental association in the role of "Advisory Board", a group of experts and stakeholders supporting the initiatives of the SRP. Every activity of our SRP is aimed to reach the targets of Reuse and Preparation for Reuse that will be dictated by Europe in line with the European package on the Circular Economy (Directive 2018/851).

The SRP of Vicenza is the base for the development of the local waste reduction plan through Smart Reuse Parks, above all engaging citizenship. In the SRP both economic, environmental and social aspects have to be balanced and sustainable.

SRP Vicenza