Second-hand dresses high fashion

5 children, 41 women, 18 men gave birth, Saturday September 29th, to the Runway show of second hand and vintage clothes in Insieme Cooperative, Vicenza.

We talk about friends, clients, workers of the cooperative who have been available to be “model for one night”, being at the same time testimonials for second hand clothes, during an event – at its 14’ edition - that year by year is more and more awaited.

Clothes presented in the runway comes from citizens donations: during the time passing between a show and the other one, the textile selection laboratory puts aside the most particular and precious items of clothing, with different sizes and styles.

The original idea was to get fashion lovers close to second hand clothes, as well as to valorise vintage; but along years it has always been tried to give a peculiar slant, as in New York Met Gala every year there’s a special theme that makes it special.

Taking inspiration from Met Gala - the event launching the yearly exhibition of the Costume Institute of New York Metropolitan Museum, having this year the “Camp” (a seriousness failing its purpose) as main topic – we presented our second hand with a “Queer” style (a little transgressive style, with eccentric outfits and colours, not necessarily with a gender identification…).

We wanted to show how it is possible to match vintage items to elegant one, getting a fabulous result, not only for great occasions as today, but also for the everyday life. Showing that second hand is not a second choice, but a resource and a sustainable value, both for the wallet and for the environment.

Gallery of the event