ZAK opened the new waste recycling center in Sonthofen

After a 10-month construction period, a special facility opens its doors, not only from an architectural and structural point of view. Since Monday the 18th of May 2020, the new recycling centre in Sonthofen is available to citizens.

ZAK is breaking new ground for the future. Waste was yesterday - secondary raw materials and waste avoidance and re-use are today. Thanks to its citizen-friendly opening hours, the new recycling centre also serves as a communication centre. And not only for the citizens of Sonthofen, but also for the citizens of the surrounding communities.

With its modern and functional design and a clear guidance system, the recycling centre supports the optimal separation of recyclables and their subsequent recycling.

Good used objects get a second chance in the recycling centre. Books, household goods, small furniture, bicycles and much more are collected in special areas and "cleaned up" again in the ZAK department store. There they can then give the new owner a lot of pleasure at reasonable prices. This saves resources, energy and helps to protect the climate. At the same time, valuable jobs are created in the region. The ZAK department store also provides a room for events such as training courses, lectures, food sharing, etc.