Fifth SURFACE Project General Meeting in Torun (Poland)

The fifth SURFACE project general meeting took place in Toruń, Poland on 25th-26th February. These two days were full of project activities and new experiences.  

During the first day project and twinning partners have had the opportunity to get to know about the activities realized in the launched Smart Re-Use Park. The presentation of the SRP was enriched with the site visit. The participants have visited a workshop where reuse and repair workshops are organized and a shop where citizens can give away and buy used items. 

For the first time project partners have also had the possibility to take part in Do It Yourself workshops and check their skills when making bags for vegetables and fruits, building bird feeders, creating candles from old ones and necklaces from old shirts.

After the creative work, the participants have concentrated on discussing the topic “What goods and materials do you know that are good for re-use and upcycling” during the Multistakeholder Forum.  

The second day, as always, focused on discussing issues related to the implementation of project activities, solving any problems encountered, discussions and sharing experience and good practices between the project partners.