Miskolc (Hungary) - V4 Waste Recycling XXI International Conference

On November 22-23 2018 in Miskolc, SURFACE PP BZN has participated to the V4 Waste Recycling XXI International Conference which aim is to strengthen the intersectoral partnerships in environmental research and waste recycling, delivering knowledge transfer in science and technology.

The V4 WR XXI International Conference is part of a successful series of conferences focused on waste recycling (Waste Recycling I-XX). All countries of Visegrad-Four Group are involved with their academic and industrial partners and will actively participate at the conference.

The main topics of the Conference are devoted to the creation of circular economy and include:

  • Recycling and utilisation of industrial wastes (metallurgical, power-engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical industrial, WEEE, end-of-life vehicles, plastics, demolishing waste, mining waste and tailings, etc.);
  • Treatment and recycling of municipal solid waste and biowaste;
  • Critical raw materials from secondary sources;
  • Decontamination and remediation of contaminated areas;
  • Waste water treatment and air quality control;
  • Business activities in waste recycling;
  • Legislation issues of recycling and waste utilization.

During the conference BZN representative has presented to the audience SURFACE project, illustrating the state of art of our project intended goals 


For more information on project V4 WR XXI click here