Weighing less on environment is possible

In this period, when due to COVID19 restrictions we spent a lot of time at home with our children and our families, we wondered: “how to keep on sensitise people to reuse and to avoid wastefulness?”.

You know… our actions tell much more about us then our speeches do. Therefore, in order to help ourselves to reduce waste at home, we organized a challenge to the very last gram!

LOSING WEIGHT… in home waste produced, in two weeks.
The Italian edition was won by Giorgia, with a loss of 626 grams and we’d like to propose it now at European level. Do you want to try? Go on reading!

Few tips:
- less packaging >> choose only the recyclable ones!
- less wastefulness >> use all the parts of fruit and vegetables!
- less km >> choose only local products

From Monday to Saturday, for two weeks
– start on Monday and put aside waste collected in one week
– on Saturday, or when you are used to empty bins, weigh the waste and take note of it
– at the following shopping try to follow our tips
– keep on weighing waste
– the second week, tell us how much… you lose weigh!

– send us your pictures and your videos… the winner is who loses more weigh
- our e-mail? seguici@insiemesociale.it