www.zak-marktplatz.de goes online at the end of June 2019

In addition to the ZAK ReUse collection box and the construction and development of second-hand department stores in the FUA, the "ZAK marketplace" is a new activity of ZAK Abfallwirtschaft GmbH to promote reuse and waste prevention and thus another component of the "Smart Reuse Park", which is being set up by the ZAK as part of the SURFACE project.
The interactive Internet platform offers citizens and companies concrete options for action to bring or receive used things in the reuse cycle and includes the following areas:
Swap & give away, repair & lend, second hand, flea markets, repair cafes, bazaars, etc., as well as more information on second-hand department stores and repair cafés in our region. A "News" section will also provide information on current and future waste prevention and reuse activities.
This additional service of the ZAK waste management is regional, free, ad-free and serious with controlled content of the advertisements (by external experts).

ZAK Marktplatz