New features of the ZAK marketplace

The online platform – ZAK marketplace – of project partner 6 is a core element in the implementation of the Smart Re-Use Park. Established in the first project periods, it went online in the year 2019. The aim was to combine useful information, actors and activities regarding re-use and repair in the FUA of Kempten, Germany. For more than 300.000 inhabitants it comprises an online market for goods (selling or donating), professional repair companies, repair cafes, re-use shops and events.

Also in the course of Corona-Crisis, especially during the period where re-use shops where closed, the online platform was very important to sell used goods either from re-use shops or between private persons.

Since end of April as new feature has been implemented with the map of re-use and repair actives. Via this visualization it is possible to search for activities and actors nearby or in the region via an interactive map. This feature or generally the online platform is running at all mobile devises. Therefore, it allows in every situation to get the needed information – e.g. if someone is looking for re-use events or the next food sharing group.

Although the SURFACE project is reaching its end in few month, ZAK Waste Management Ltd will further develop the ZAK marketplace. A public relation campaign will be started so that this platform will be well known from every citizen and more offers will be represented in future. Interests has been also expressed from our twinning partner in the neighboring county to take over and adapt the online platform for their citizens.