Seeds for future cooperation between Leipzig and Rijeka planted

Rijeka, 12. November 2018

Taking into account that the cooperation mechanisms among innovation actors of Central Europe region are affected by the fragmented inno & cooperation landscape, thanks to the project digitalLIFE4CE, we aim to connect those fragmented landscape and enhance the quality of digital integrated healthcare solutions in each region.

However, one of the greatest challenges is to answer the question – how to connect the fragmented landscape and enhance the quality of integrated digital healthcare solutions in CE region?

In the attempt to answer this question, digitalLIFE4CE partnership is involved in organisation of mobility actions and onsite visits, in order to facilitate, enable and improve mutual learning and knowledge transfer.

Therefore, project partners Rebecca Winter (VFG Leipzig e.V.), and STEP RI organized an onsite visit and mobility action to Leipzig, which included a visit to the University hospital Leipzig, ICCAS centre and VITA 34 AG.

STEP RI brought to this study visit three specialists from the University hospital Rijeka, as well as a robotics expert from the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing.

The onsite visit started with an operation using the Da Vinci robot at the University hospital Leipzig, attended by the specialists from KBC Rijeka, as well as the robotics expert from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing. Afterwards, the delegation from Rijeka explored current research at the ICCAS centre, visiting the operating room of the future, as well as the digital patient model. Last point of the study visit included the Vita 34 AG, where the delegation learnt about STEM cell conservation for regenerative therapy.

The main aim of the study visit was to learn about best practices in the field of integrated digital healthcare solutions in the region of Saxony, with the focus to see which of those practices could be transferable to Croatia and how. Precisely for this reason, STEP RI brought specialists from their University hospital centre, and a robotics expert in order to prepare the first steps in this process of transferability.

Finally, the onsite visit resulted in several potential cooperation, future project applications, and development of networks in the field of integrated digital healthcare.

 Get an impression in our short YouTube video about that day.

 by Ana Marković Čunko