Sharing goals with BOOSTEE-CE project: working on public buildings in Velenje

Written by Municipality of Velenje

"Buildings in the EU account for around 40% of energy consumption and 36% of CO2 emission. Municipality of Velenje successfully implemented the pilot action with an aim to realize savings in energy and related costs, and to decrease the carbon footprint of the selected building. The measures proposed will contribute to a cleaner environment, less energy used and the reduced expenses of the Municipality, which could be spent on expenses that are more useful. We hope that the changes we are to initialize will be transferred to the local citizens and this good example will drive others to spend on energy-related investments."

"BOOSTEE-CE project (Boosting Energy Efficiency in Central European Cities through Smart Energy Management) aims to increase energy efficiency in public buildings. Several tools are used to achieve this goal: geospatial data to produce 3D building models in order visualize energy consumption, heat losses and PV potential; smart energy management tools and smart metering via pilot actions; energy audits. 13 project partners from 7 countries work together to deliver the pilot actions and our final product: the OnePlace platform, which will help those who seek to educate themselves on how to improve EE." 

The activities of pilot action to improve energy efficiency are implemented in the public building Music school Fran Korun Koželjski Velenje built in 1987 (newer part of building built in 1998). The Municipality of Velenje is the owner of the building and responsible for the implementation of pilot action. The school has 47 classrooms and five halls on 6360 m2. Due to its large spatial dimensions, it is extremely suitable for conducting major concerts, competitions, instructions and summer schools. The building is supplied with heat from the municipal heating network. The energy consumption of the building has been identified at 758,970 kWh/year for heating, while the electricity consumption is 201,629 kWh/year.

Picture 1: Building- Music Scholl Fran Korun Koželjski Velenje

Picture 1: Building- Music Scholl Fran Korun Koželjski Velenje

The main objectives of the pilot are:

  • improvement of the energy performance, saving and efficiency of the building
  • monitoring buildings data
  • increasing the comfort of the building use
  • easier operation of the building
  • promoting and disseminating knowledge about energy efficiency measures in building

Within the pilot action, Municipality Velenje with help of selected external experts, installed the smart meters in the Music Scholl Fran Korun Koželjski Velenje. Noticeable energy and cost savings are expected as a direct result of the investment made in the framework and the financial aid of project BOOSTEE-CE, which accounts for a total of 14,823 €. The data gathered by the smart meters will be used by an energy management system that keeps track of the consumption, therefore the detailed energy flows help to determine malfunctions, to reveal over-consumption periods and make recommendations to decrease energy use, to ease the operation of the building and most importantly to increase comfort. In the end, the Municipality of Velenje will have to pay less and emission will decrease because of this investment. The partnership is also developing a web-based platform called OnePlace, which will help other municipalities, and building operators to finance, develop and use such solutions in the future.

In the beginning of the pilot action, meetings and discussions were held with school management where they have highlighted their needs to improve energy efficiency. In April 2018, a study was completed, which defined the initial state of the building, envisaged were soft organizational measures and the installation of smart meters. In September 2018, the first intermediate results were identified within the 2nd study. The results of the reduction of electricity and heat consumption are shown in the following Tables.

Table 1: Comparison of electricity consumption in the analyzed period

Month 2017 (kWh) 2018 (kWh) Comparison (%)
May  17,945 16,020 -10.7%
June 14,997 13,295 -11.3%
July 10,505 8,982 -14.5%

Table 2: Comparison of heat energy consumption in the analyzed period

Month 2017 (kWh) 2018 (kWh) Comparison (%)
May 45,000 19,700 -56.2%
June 14,700 8,400 -42.9%
July 8,200 4,500 -45.1%