Smart City Challenge Leipzig 2022

21 February 2022

The City of Leipzig started 2021 with the organisation of the innovation competition with the title „Smart City Challenge Leipzig“. It is initiated and managed by the Digital City Unit of Leipzig.

Founders, start-ups, students and established ventures are called to find innovative digital solutions for predetermined questions and challenges in the areas of civil society and municipal administration. For each challenge, three submitted solutions and ideas from start-ups are selected to be further developed with the municipality. Afterwards the best of these three ideas will be implemented and practically tested.

The new topics of the Smart City Challenge 2022 are published at a public online event at 11.02.2022 and application deadline is 08.04.2022. One of the challenges is addressing urban mobility and will raise awareness for sustainable modes of public transport.   

The winners get the chance to further develop and implement their ideas and business models with the municipality. This creates an attractive environment for innovations and supports the start-up location of Leipzig. Moreover, participants gain access to an attractive network of founders. With the Smart City Challenge Leipzig new synergies and impulses for joint cooperation and projects will arise between start-ups and established ventures.

The Smart City Challenge enables the municipality to test and implement digital innovations in the form of pilot projects as a solution for municipal and social challenges. The range of pilot projects to be implemented with start-ups reach from new products, processes to new digital services. The exchange between municipality and civil society leads towards an open mind-set for innovations and supports the digital transformation process.

Detailed information about each challenge, the conditions of the competition and the application process can be found on

Article author: Sebastian Graetz, City of Leipzig

Background photo: City of Leipzig

Smart City challenge photo