Smart meter device installed in Maribor


As part of the EfficienCE project, the Municipality of Maribor and the University of Maribor want to set up a green, electrified bus line with the associated charging infrastructure. The chosen bus line 6 is the second most used urban line in the city and at the same time the most polluted line exposing the population along the bus line to adverse effects.

Municipality of Maribor conducted a public tender for the preparation of project documentation for fast charging stations under the funicular "Pohorje cableway ", at the main bus station and in the Marprom workshop in Maribor. A coordination meeting with the selected bidder was held on Thursday, 10th of September. Representatives of the Municipality of Maribor and the University of Maribor presented in detail the EfficienCE project and the project conditions for the preparation of professional documentation.


Installing the measuring device

Pohorje cableway

The picture above shows the substation under the funicular "Pohorje cableway ", where the Janitza UGM 801 measuring device – power analyzer was installed.

Measuring device Janitza UGM 801

Measuring device Janitza UGM 801

Scheme of the measuring device

Scheme of the measuring device

The measuring device is used to measure the load power. It is configured to monitor the total consumption of the Pohorje cableway. In future, there will be two measuring devices: one for the charging station and the other for all other consumers together. However, the sum of their powers represents the total load on the transformer. The local recording of consumption data is transmitted via an LTE network to a server to the University of Maribor.

In view of the variable consumption of the substation in relation to the seasons and regular annual sports events, the University of Maribor will carry out comparable measurements, i.e. at the same duration and at the same time of the year.


From 15th to 18th of October the Downhill World Cup was organized in Maribor. At the international competition, which took place under the funicular, there were many power consumers connected to the substation which is being measured. In addition to the accompanying teams, there were also maintenance personnel, campers, and catering service providers. The event gave an insight into the load on the electrical system under stress conditions when organizing larger events.


The graph below shows the active power from the substation below the funicular: consumption increased during the competition, where the maximum active power was 284 kW on 15th October. These measurements will give Municipality of Maribor additional data in the field of power management planning for the fast-charging station.


Graph: Active power before and during the Downhill World Cup

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Photos: University of Maribor