Social(i)Makers Festivals in Poland

“Innovation – the future of the region” was the guiding motto of the two-part Social(i)Makers Festival in Poznań, Poland. It took place over two days and it attracted a significant number of participants that hailed from all walks of life, from policy makers and experts to students and the general public.

The first part was held on 10th September and it consisted of a panel discussion during the Social Economy Regional Conference. The panelists highlighted the current achievements on the Polish social innovation scene and debated the future challenges. The panel featured experts in social policy, innovators and academics, among others.

The second part of the Festival was an open-space event co-organised with the Poznań City Hall. It took place on the central square in Poznań on 15th September and it attracted a large crowd keen to find out more about social innovation. The event featured a series of workshops, talks and activities that celebrated innovative practices from across the region and served to encourage potential innovators to develop their ideas.