Spotlight on: CEHDES hub Burgenland 

Pinkafeld, 26. June 2019

According to the motto: “The future of digital is now” the team members of the CEDHES hub in Burgenland started with the concept for the “Competence Center for Digital Health”. Within the CEDHES hub in Burgenland, the University of Applied Sciences Burgenland is focusing on research in the field of “digital health”. The aim of the research activity is to identify new research questions and addressing regional issues with follow-up research initiatives.

The main objectives are to bundle know-how and experiences in the field of “Digital Health “ and to enhance digital literacy among a broad target group, especially to establish specific digital skill trainings for health professionals.

The concept of the “Competence Center for Digital Health” focuses on three different activities:

  • Research activities: identifying needs, developing research issues, developing and implementing projects;
  • Networking activities: establishment of a research network and involvement of students, lecturers, experts, health care institutions, research institutions, SME's and start-ups;
  • Transfer activities: transfer of innovation within trainings, teaching of digital skills, transfer of theory into practice, dissemination through academic papers;

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