Involvement of stakeholders is very crucial for the Workplace Mobility Plan development 

Brno (Czech Republic), 3. January 2018

The involvement of the stakeholders was very crucial for the workplace mobility development in Municipality of Litomerice and City Hospital of Litomerice. By involving the stakeholders, they have gotten in much better and closer perspective of the situation which is now at the municipality and in the hospital. One of the achievements was that the stakeholders accepted the invitation to the mobility team and became one working body. Even though they are not making the mobility plan themselves, they are very important source of information for Nadace partnerstvi (project partner). Another success is that in the mobility teams are the stakeholders from the municipal and hospital departments which have the biggest influence on possibilities which can become reality and they can for example financially influence the amount of the support to certain measures if they believe in their advantages. By working together, they become more active by themselves and they are interested in the topic. However, even though they have a certain influence in the funding of some measures, the finances are always discussed with the a caution and reflexivity to the situations in other departments but mobility, because the finances must be invested wisely.

Stakeholder involvement in Czech republic

The follow up activities of the stakeholders are basically influenced by the mobility plans themselves. The mobility team will meet again to comment and possibly still contribute to the final draft of the workplace mobility plan documents. After the mobility plan is finished they are going to be involved very much in approving the mobility plan by the institution and by lobbing for successful implementation, especially of the pilot action. The mobility team with stakeholders will also be a core for monitoring of the mobility plan and for evaluating its impacts or at least contributing by input to those actions. Another follow up activity for the invested and interested stakeholders will be transferring their gained knowledge to some other institutions or municipalities at the dissemination events if they would be interested.