Stakeholder involvement significantly influenced on the final Workplace Mobility Plan measures

Banska Bystrica (Slovakia), 15. January 2018 - Stakeholder involvement in Workplace Mobility Plan development. 

Slovak partner Ekopolis Foundation prepared Workplace Mobility Plan for second Slovak partner in project, for Municipality of Banska Bystrica. They organized stakeholder meetings in 3 different groups: with external stakeholders, with management of the City Hall and with municipal employees.

The most important findings of the meetings were:

  • external stakeholders like the Workplace Mobility Plan (WMP) idea, however they are able to change their operations only on direct order/request of the City Hall during the WMP implementation;
  • the City Hall is very keen to prepare and implement the plan and it contributed with important ideas;
  • municipal employees welcome the idea of WMP and they provided good suggestions and feedback from their point of view. 

Further cooperation with stakeholders is an inevitable part of the WMP’s implementation. The main way of involving of internal stakeholders, it means employees and management of the City Hall, will be via implementation of the measures. They are directly involved in implementation of most of individual measures of the plan either as object of measures (employees) or subject (management). In addition, they will be involved in regular evaluation of the plan, implemented by the mobility manager, with possibility of commenting and bringing new ideas.

External stakeholders will be involved in many ways. Many WMP’s measures requires colaboration with external staleholders so they will be addressed with concrete inquires and proposals, e. g. public transport providers will be asked to provide ticket discount for employees, the police officiers will evaluate changes of trafiic signs, etc. In addition, close cooperation of staleholders will be assured also via preparation of the Sustainable urban mobility plan which will be launched in 2019 and will require even closer collaboration of stakeholders than in a case of the WMP.

Stakeholder involvement in Slovakia