Stakeholders meeting takes place in Nature Park Medvednica, Croatia

April 10th, Nature Park Medvednica – The park managing authority hosted a meeting with local Stakeholders in order to present CEETO project Action Plan and encourage them to participate in its design and implementation.

On April 10th 2019, within the framework of the implementation of the project CEETO - Central Europe EcoTourism: Tools for nature protection that deals with developing management practices and tools for sustainable tourism in protected areas, the Action Plan that will be tested in Nature Park Medvednica Pilot Area was presented to local stakeholders in the premises of the “Public Institution Nature Park Medvednica”, the park´s managing body. The meeting gathered the following stakeholders to the implementation of the CEETO Action Plan: Croatian Mountain Rescue Service, Croatian Ski Association, Sljeme Ski Club, Zagreb Holding – Vladimir Nazor subsidiary, Tomislavov dom, WWF Adria, Ministry of nature protection and energy, Croatian Forests Ltd., Vitaprojekt and Zagreb Mountaineering Federation.

The meeting started with a general presentation about CEETO project and the activities carried out so far. Afterwards a detailed explanation on the CEETO Action Plan, still in draft version, including all the steps for its design and implementation was presented to the stakeholders: determination of the main objective, meetings with stakeholders, survey design, survey implementation and analysis for visitor flows research inside the Pilot Area, definition of contents and write up of the Action Plan, stakeholders´ inputs collection and integration and final elaboration of the Action Plan document. 


Stakeholders meeting at Nature Park Medvednica - Photo by Nature Park Medvednica

The results of the survey and content of the Action plan were also presented to the stakeholders and, afterwards, a call to all Stakeholders to send their inputs and comments on the Action Plan was sent. At the end of the meeting, the promotion of the Protected Areas Open Days event in Medvednica Nature Park was done.

Protected Areas Open Days at Nature Park Medvednica

The Protected Areas Open Days is an event that will be organised in each CEETO Pilot Protected Area with the objective of enhancing the networking with local communities and the feeling of belonging. In the case of Medvednica, the park will even take a step further and present the event under the topic Accessibility & Inclusion. The Public Instititution Medvednica Nature Park would like to encourage all stakeholders to join them during their Protected Areas Open Day! Further information on the event will be available soon in CEETO website home page – Events. 

About Nature Park Medvednica

To get further information on Nature Park Medvednica, visit the Pilot Area´s webpage and watch the following teaser portraying the natural and touristic values of this park and the challenges that will be tackled through the implementation of CEETO Pilot Action in the park.