Step Ri explores digital healthcare solutions and robotics in Leipzig 

In the framework of Interreg CE project digitaLIFE4CE, Step Ri participated at mobility action in Leipzig, which included a visit to the University hospital Leipzig, ICCAS centre and VITA 34 AG.

The onsite visit included an operation using the Da Vinci robot at the University hospital Leipzig, attended by the specialists from Clinical Hospital Rijeka, as well as the robotics expert from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing. Afterwards, the delegation from Rijeka explored current research at the ICCAS centre, visiting the operating room of the future, as well as the digital patient model. The aim of the visit exploring the transferability of best practices in novel healthcare solutions and robotics in medicine. digitaLIFE4CE project, as well as SYNERGY, is focused on  innovation and implementation of modern and innovative technologies in medicine. Moreover, digitaLIFE4CE is mapped on SYNERGY online profiling tool

For more information watch video.  

STEPRI 27.11.2018
STEPRI 27.11.2018/2