Bračak Manor in Croatia

The aim of the pilot project is the implementation of a central battery (bank) system, installation of a photovoltaic system, and integration of it to advanced Energy management system. The already existing systems are combined with the new ones through an advanced energy management ICT system that is built on top of the already existing central monitoring system as a coordination service that optimally exploits all different available assets.

The energy management system serves as decision support, so the operators can decide one day ahead how to engage micro-CHP and the wood pellet boiler in the presence of newly installed photovoltaic and battery system. Photovoltaic system and the battery system are connected to the billing metering point of the Bračak manor where all produced energy is primarily used for own consumption and the surplus is stored in the battery system. If the production of electricity exceeds the needs of Bračak Manor and the capacity of the battery system, then the surplus is delivered to the grid.

The distribution system operator, as one of the stakeholders, was informed from the beginning about the implementation of the pilot project and its task was to issue the prior electricity approval required for the connection to the distribution network. After the public procurement for the execution of works, a Turnkey Contract was signed with the company Solaris pons d.o.o. and the official introduction to the work was held on November 2, 2020. During November, all preparatory and earthworks for the construction of the canopy were carried out, and a steel structure was delivered to the construction site and the construction of the canopy began.

bracak 1

The colour of the canopy was determined by the conservation office. The roof surface of the canopy is used to install photovoltaic modules. The canopy has a rectangular roof surface and a total of 36 photovoltaic monocrystalline modules with a capacity of 300Wp each is installed on it. This means that the peak power of the photovoltaic system is 36 X 300Wp = 10,8 kWp. Each photovoltaic module has an associated micro inverter to reduce losses from possible shading during the day. The storage (battery system) is placed in the premises of the Bračak Manor, in the basement next to the stairs. Three-phase battery system has a capacity of 8,0 kWh, together with inverters / chargers and battery management equipment.

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