Strategic Agenda

The first output document of Interreg Central Europe’s ENTeR (Expert Network on Textile Recycling) project is now available! The study has been published with the title ”Strategic Agenda on Textile Waste and Recycling”.

The Strategic Agenda on Textile Waste Management and Recycling defined on the basis of regional analysis problems which are relevant for the participating regions. It provides a common vision and set objectives and priorities in a mid-term to long-term perspective. Specifically, the Strategic Agenda will tend to encourage the application of the Circular Economy in companies and to find new textile waste markets and alternative solutions to raw materials.

In this framework, the ten partners of the ENTeR project identified five areas of action:

  • Legal and Policy: to monitor local and community policies in order to constantly orient the Strategic Agenda;
  • Waste management: to develop specialized databases and a platform for the exchange of information, materials and technologies. Also, to study a model for waste recovery (for example, a local consortium for recovery);
  • Research and technological trends: to develop technologies that integrate and optimize production processes with respect to the product life cycle;
  • Communication: to favor a secondary materials market and encourage the reuse of waste in order to create a "second life" to waste;
  • Educational: to highlight the training needs of companies identifying the conditions that favor the implementation of circular economy models;

The five action lines will guide partners in the implementation of the ENTeR project, to strengthen research and innovation with the ultimate goal of improving the management of textile waste, encouraging economic growth and, at the same time, promoting a joint offer of new services.