Summer School (Creative Workshops for Entrepreneurs)

12 July to 28 August, 2021

Deliverable, Within the CerDee project, ceramic workshops dedicated to entrepreneurs are organized by the partners in their territories to support education in cultural and creative industries and to preserve and promote the regional cultural heritage.

Summer school

Description, With the aim of promoting a creative ceramic education, the MIC of Faenza, within the project CERDEE, has invited 4 artists to collaborate at the didactic laboratory of MIC “Playing with ceramics”, to organize a "Summer School" dedicated to ceramic entrepreneurs and students. The 4 young artists have been selected among those who participated in the Biennial “Faenza Prize” and in the Future Lights in Ceramics competition: Michela Benedan, Lorenzo Cianchi, Giulia Bonora and Petra Wieser.

Summer school

Each artist has carried on a specific and original project of one week, they have followed their own poetics and expressiveness. Each workshop was therefore characterized by different creative and communicative modalities.

Michela Benedan with the paper clay proposed the creation of apparently fragile and aerial constructions, very thin, giving life to forms of containers, open architectures and small sculptures. The sculptures have been fired at a high temperature.

Lorenzo Cianchi with the workshop "chaos and design" has deepened the nature of ceramic material, its peculiarities in the various stages of aggregation by placing the clay at the center of the ecosystem. The participants have used mainly earthenware to bring out the material effect.

Giulia Bonora called her workshop "blu divino" (divine blue) to deal with blue as the colour of ceramics in history, in symbols, and in contemporaneity. The participants’ first approach was analyzing the colour inside the museum collections and sharing ideas and emotions.

Petra Wieser has faced ceramics as a material to tell stories, or build a specific project based on a very personal idea. She has asked to the participants: What ornaments, what form, what technique or what function could communicate the time we are living in right now? What should remain from our society or what would you in particular want to tell future inhabitants of our planet? 

Summer school

For the success of the Summer School and to facilitate the training of participants, the MIC has provided artists and participants with the necessary equipment and ceramic materials, researching also particular clays or technological instruments, so as a kiln fir firing at high temperature. All the workshops have been very appreciated by the participants, who have responded with enthusiasm by creating interesting works. 

Summer school

Project timing

from 12 to 16 July Michela Benedan

from 26 to 30 July Lorenzo Cianchi

from 2 to 6 August Giulia Bonora

from 24 to 28 August Petra Wieser