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The IMGW-PIB (PP11) is a public organization supervised by the Ministry of Maritime Economy and Inland Navigation. It fulfils governmental tasks in forecasting and warning against hazardous meteorological and hydrological phenomena and provides statutory tasks of the National Hydrological and Meteorological Service. Main competence of the Institute is to support the civil society, national economy and national security. This includes risk management tasks regarding hydro-meteorological services. IMGW-PIB performing also scientific and development activities within hydrology, meteorology, climatology, oceanography, water engineering and management.

PP11 is an experienced partner in many EU and international projects concerned water management and climate change, e.g.: INTERREG PL-SN - NEYMO-NW Lusatian Neisse - Modelling of climate and hydrology, analysis and forecast of water resources in low-water conditions, TRANSGEA Cross-border co-operation in local actions to adapt to climate changes. KLAPS Climate change, air pollution and critical loads of ecosystems in PL-SN region; Interreg CE - RAINMAN - Integrated Heavy Rain Risk Management; National project financed by ERDF: KLIMAT -Climate change impact on the environment, economy, and society.

IMGW-PIB competences and experiences could support TEACHER-CE project in terms of risk management, hydrology, climatology, environment protection and climate adaptation. Within TECHER-CE project IMGW-PIB takes part in all work packages. Planned activities concern: testing of toolbox in Pilot Area located in Lower Silesia region (T3), review and conclusions of climate change impact on water management based on experience gained during earlier project realization, user needs and recommendation gathering and toolbox testing during the stakeholder workshops (T1, T3), support in development (T2) and verification (T3) of TEACHER-CE toolbox, assistance in development of the proposals for integration the aspects of climate change in water management strategies and plans at local level (T4).


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